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Jan. 26th, 2009


Jan 26th

 Today I had:

A grapefruit (100 cals)

For lunch i had a lemon juice (30 cals) with a bowl of broth (15 cals)

As a snack i had a fresh strawberry-apple juice. Stupid me, i didnt even want it. (100 cals?)

For dinner i had 6 scallops cook in calorie-free oil. (60 cals)

Total: 305 cals.

I worked out for 90 mins.


Jan. 13th, 2009


(no subject)

So I went to the Dr. and turns out i have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. I cant do most sports now (which sucks cause i used to be an over-exerciser).
I probably have osteroposis too but that's not confirmed yet.
On the bright side, i have the bone structure of a 14 year old girl (im 18 now) so they blame my underweight on that. :P
Im gonna stop restricting so much but im gonna keep losing.
Since new years, i've lost about 3kgs (6.6 lbs).
I will get there. i CAN do this!

Dec. 31st, 2008


Food for thought...

 Like Pooh Bear and the honey jar, sweet treats are the comfort food of choice for most of us. Usually we’ve had powerful emotional incentives set up in childhood — like getting a lollipop after a doctor’s visit — and most of us unconsciously associate sugar with love, pleasure, and reward. Why else would we call our dear ones “honey,” “sugar,” and “sweetie”?

So, for this reason, i will make a point of not calling you all "hun", "honey" but more darling and loves!!!  

Dec. 30th, 2008


Iphone application


Does any of you have an iphone? Cause there is this really good free application called livestrong and an other one called meal diary that tracks everything (cals, weight, burned cals, etc). 

I really recommend it :P

Dec. 29th, 2008


Remember me?

I've been on this community for years but havent dared posted in a while cause im so ashamed :(.
I NEED to get back on track. Its been 4 pathetic months i've been through -___-.
Maybe if i post my stats and humiliate myself it would help me.

Age: 18
Hight: 5'3
HW: 122 (4 days ago!) I gained 12 lbs in ONE month!!! WTF?!
CW: 117 (SHOOT ME!!!)
LW: 95
GW1: 108
GW2: 98
UGW: hit the 80s

Im starting abc Jan 1st. Im so depressed atm and feel so alone. My best friend moved to the UK, my parents are divorcing, my dogs are being sent away and my brother is off to college :(

Remember: you are ALL beautiful and WORTHY. Keep strong :)

- Ana love

Mar. 10th, 2008


Question (please respond, im so desperate :) )

What do u girlz do when you dont even feel hungry anymore, u just feel faint and  REALY nausous (because of a lack of food). I felt so bad yesterday ithought i was going to pass out. I also had this MAJOR migrain and no pills would help! And its not cause i was dehidrated!

Plzzzz help me!!!! Any tips are good! And how do you hide it from relatives? Cause i just get so weak and pale. :s

Thanks guys!

Stay strong lovies, we CAN do this!               xoxo

Feb. 14th, 2008


Ana music

Here are a few ed related songs. It's basicaly all I listen to atm lol.
Hope you enjoy them as much as i do. ;-)
(The green ones are my favorite)

ana's song (open fire): silverchair

anna begins: counting crows

annie's anorexic: huntingtons

anorexic beauty: pulp

anorexic beauty queen: kevin mccoullough

big isn't beautiful: kind adora

bleed like me: garbage 
carry that weight: the beatles

cars and calories: saves the day

cherry blossom girl: air

courage: superchick 
curse of curves: cute is what we aim for

feed me: juliana hatfield

lucy at the gym: jill sobule

me and mia: ted leo and the pharmacists

my body is a cage: the arcade fire

paper bag: fiona apple

pieces: sum 41

she's falling apart: lisa loeb

skinny: filter

starving for attention: geri karlstrom

suddenly I see: KT tunstall

sympathy: googoo dolls